Remy Ma Fires Vince Herbert for Being a Bum A** Manager

Vincert Herbert was letting a little too much his family drama seep into his work. At least thats what the unnamed tea-spillers who went to TMZ say.

According to the gossip websites unnamed sources, Remy Ma is booting Herbert out as her manager. They say that hes letting his messy split from Tamar Braxton get in the way being a good manager, and Remy has had enough.

The sources told TMZ that Vincent promised to be a super manager to Remy and fell well short that goal. They add that he whiffed on even the most basic duties like booking studio time and scheduling performances.

However, it might not be as simple as all that. According to The Jasmine Brand Herbert called in to Wendy Williams and said that he has not been released from his duties.