Restaurant Mentioned in Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Euphoria’ Goes Viral

The Toronto restaurant Kendrick Lamar name-dropped on his new Drake diss song “Euphoria” has seen a spike in customer and reviews over the last couple of days.

People Flock to New Ho King Restaurant

K-Dot’s recently released diss song has had some unintended favor for an Asian restaurant in Toronto’s Chinatown. On the track, Kendrick mentions local eatery New Ho King. “Talk about me and my family, crodie?/Someone gon’ bleed in your family, crodie/I be at New Ho King eatin’ fried rice with a dip sauce and blamy, crodie,” he raps. On Wednesday (May 1), Toronto local news outlet City News spoke to the owner of the restaurant, Johnny Lu, who revealed the name-drop has been a blessing in disguise.

“This morning, a whole lot of people texted me and say, ‘Oh, look at this. Is that your restaurant?'” Lu told City News. “And they said, ‘Look at that. Look at the song.'”

Since the song’s release on Tuesday (April 30), attendance and reviews of the restaurant have soared, with many people commenting that they heard about the restaurant from the song.

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Why Did Kendrick Mention New Ho King?

New Ho King is a popular restaurant on Spadina Avenue in Drake’s hometown of Toronto. K-Dot mentioning posting up there is a reference to him being willing to pull up to Drake’s stomping ground without fear of repercussion. In another part of the song, K-Dot also references Drake not being allowed to step foot in Los Angeles without action being taken.

“Aye, Top Dawg, who the f**k they think they playin’ with?/’Extortion’ my middle name as soon as you jump off that place, b***h,” Kendrick raps.

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See the news report about New Ho King getting a spike in service due to K-Dot’s name-drop below.

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