RHOA Star Reveals Shes Pregnant

During The Real Housewives of Atlanta season 10 reunion show, Kenya Moore shared some exciting news. The 47-year-old star is expecting her first child!

She coyly shared the news on air, saying, “We will definitely be welcoming a boy or girl in late this year.”

Baby Twirl

RHOA Star Reveals Shes Pregnant

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When host Andy Cohen asked about “any news of a Baby Twirl,” Kenya simply smiled big. “Well he or she wouldn’t be named Twirl, for sure, that’s my dog’s name,” she said. “But… yes.”

Her co-stars turned, looking around in confusion, before collectively asking if the “yes” meant that she was pregnant or not. With a laugh, she asked, “Is that a question?” “We’re all waiting,” Nene Leaks said in response. Rather than drag the news out any longer, Kenya ended the suspense and revealed that her and Mark are parents-to-be.

The Waiting to Exhale actress didn’t share too much, as she’s surely saving it for ROHA season 11. According to some, Kenya, who was nearly out the door after her husband Marc Daly refused to be on camera, “saved” herself with this news.

The reality shows production team was quite upset with Kenya. The star not only failed to coax her restauranteur husband into being filmed for the show, but she also got married in secret. Then, on the heels of rumors that Kenya wouldnt see season 11 came news of new life.

Rumors of the star’s baby started after the reunion show was filmed early March. An insider of‘s, gushed a little bit about each housewife Cynthia, Porsha, NeNe, Kandi, Sheree, Kim and Kenya but made sure to share the major pregnancy bomb the last-mentioned dropped on viewers.

Fans knew something big went down, as she herself teased about it. #GotTheseGirlsShook, she wrote on her Instagram story alongside the hashtags #gathered and #myjobisdone.

Playing Coy

Fans piled in the comments with their thoughts, giving off mixed reactions. Some thought the soon-to-be mom to be “irritatingly evasive,” while some suspected that she isn’t truly carrying a child.

“Welll she didn’t really say she was pregnant all she said was that she and her husband would be welcoming a child later this year,” an Instagram user wrote. “So that means she can get pregnant at any time of the year without anyone questioning her.”

“Wtf you mean is that a question?” added another viewer. “Duhhh clearly it is.” They added, “Are you having a baby or Not ? Answer shouldve immediately been a yes or no. She took mad long to answer that question shes so extra lol”

On the flip hand, some were simply excited for the star. “Pregnancy or surrogate doesnt matter! Congratulations,” wrote a fan. “I felt like such a proud auntie last night, when she announced it….Congratulations to Kenya!” added another.

Ducking & Dodging

RHOA Star Reveals Shes Pregnant

Source: Instagram @thekenyamoore

Kenya had been playing shy with the good news for the past few weeks now. During an interview with Wendy Williams, she gracefully ducked and dogged is-there-a-baby-or-is-there-not questions. Kenya told the host that she would share her news with the public at her own time.

She maneuvered around pregnancy questions once again at an Oscar party. Accompanied by her husband-of-less-than-a-year, Kenya was asked if fans could expect a new edition soon, but she skillfully changed the subject.

Now that the news is out there, Kenya can evade gender inquiries. According to TSR, the future mom simply wants a “healthy baby.”

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