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Rian Wyld Sets Her Foot In The Hip-Hop/Rap Realm

Iman Joyce Gray, aka Rian Wyld, has recently dropped a splendid project titled “Poor Poet,” leaving groundbreaking imprints in the scene. 

“Poor Poet” is full of hard-hitting and empowering lyrical content, where the artist talks to her fans about the importance of one chasing his/her passions, regardless of the consequences.

“As long as I wrote, I can make my wrong right. As long as I fight, I can rest in hope at night”

Hailing from the city that doesn’t sleep, the rising star was able to successfully captivate the audience, thanks to her empowering and superior personality that you can sense from her performance in “Poor Poet.”

“Poor Poet” has an accompanying music video, where Rian Wyld appears in a stylish black crop top and a black denim jacket. In the video, she directly looks at the camera and delivers the project.

Be sure to check out “Poor Poet” below:

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