Rich The Kid Plug Walks On Tonight Show With Jimmy Fallon

Rich the Kid did the plug walk all over Rockerfeller Plaza. The Rich Forever rapper made The Roots band his very own for the small amount of time allocated to rehearsal before the show gets filmed at 5pm. This was Rich the Kid inaugural appearance on television, hopefully the first of many tune-ups. 

Something I’ve noticed about the late night circuit: it isn’t the appropriate venue for rap performance. The crowd is seated and unable to really become immersed in the short concert experience, leaving the performer very much to their own devices. Rich the Kid, to his credit, didn’t seem intimidated by the lack of crowd reaction. He usually packs a lot of energy into his performances, especially those that are being recorded for future viewing. 

As per usual, Rich the Kid matched his top with his beaded braids, he sauntered all over the place. The Roots were able to deconstruct the Plug Walk beat (produced by Lab Cook) almost seamlessly, while still leaving their Rootsy mark. Rich the Kid’s The World Is Yours is projected to do big numbers in its opening week. Those who have been following him closely since his early collaborations with Migos surely have noted that he is one of the hardest workers in the industry, bar none.

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