Rich The Kid Splashes $80k On Rich Forever Bling

Rich the Kid’s full steam ahead approach will encompass his friends at Rich Forever after all. Both Rich and Famous Dex have come out in a major way, with debut LPs dropping weeks apart. Dex shared a heartfelt moment the other day, shedding tears of joy when asked about the significance of Rich Forever, the team, and their goal setting example.

It appears Rich the Kid has reciprocated the gesture, in such a way that guarantees the strength of their group dynamic. Rich the Kid walked into Atlanta’s Icebox Diamonds & Watches, an shop owned by esteemed jeweller Mo Jooma, and stepped out with 80k in purchases. His total haul included several Rich Forever Music (RFM) pendants he’d ordered in honor of the anticipated success of his new album, The World Is Yours

He then made his way to the Christian Ornament section, settling on a diamond encrusted Jesus pendant which at one point he refused to take off, telling store employees it gave him illusions of Kanye.

The World Is Yoursis expected to yield 56K in its first week, with 7K coming physical sales. Famous Dex’s Dex Meets Dexter is expected to fall a little short of that ballpark figure, but should manage a decent return in its own right. I expect Rich Forever 4 to be placed in high demand.

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