Rich The Kid's Manager Arrested for Threatening to Behead Flight Attendants

Plenty people like to gripe about the amped up tensions and seriousness surrounding airline flights these days. Its been a common joke since well before Ben Stiller did his whole bomb bomb bomb bit in Meet The Parents, and its still going strong.

Even if youre the type person to disagree with the deadly seriousness the TSA, were pretty sure youve never been able to threaten to behead someone on a commercial flight without the police getting involved. Even in the pre-9/11 days, telling someone you are going to remove their head from their body would probably warrant a talking to.

Thats what Rich The Kids manager allegedly did while flying along with his client. According to reports from TMZ, the rapper got up to use the restroom when passengers were not allowed to move around the cabin. Flight attendants told him to return to his seat, but he refused. His manager got involved and allegedly threatened the flight attendants… with beheading.