Picture od Richard She Bad

Richard’s “She Bad” Redefines Standards Celebrating Women’s Versatility

Richard, an up-and-coming artist from New York, has recently dropped his latest single, “She Bad,” challenging limited perceptions of femininity and celebrating the versatility and capabilities of women. Drawing inspiration from powerful female figures around him, the singer and songwriter has crafted a song that incorporates diverse musical styles and global rhythms, creating a seamless and cohesive sound. 

Speaking of the new release, Germane reveals that to ensure relatability, he rewrote every verse multiple times. He wanted “She Bad” to represent a wide spectrum of women, including single mothers and successful businesswomen. With lyrics like “She momma She Poppa Single Mom Applaud her,” he showcases the diverse roles women play in society and highlights their boundless potential.

When discussing the composition of the song, Richard explains how he aimed to create an eclectic yet balanced sound. He collaborated closely with his producer, experimenting with different elements while ensuring the right groove. Ultimately, Germane decided to use his own vocals as the background melody, resulting in a percussive-driven beat that perfectly complements the empowering lyrics, “She bad (Yeah)/ She know that she bad/ She the one so she can’t stopped/ Never number two no she can’t topped/ She bad they mad/ So what stay mad/ They mad that she bad.”

Influenced by Beyoncé, Grace Jones, Madonna, Prince, David Bowie, and Lauryn Hill, Germane’s star continues to rise. With each release, like his latest “She Bad,” Richard challenges societal norms and defies conventional expectations, at the same time honoring the versatility of women. Driven by his passion and determination, the artist is primed to leave an indelible imprint on the music industry, following the footsteps of his revered influences.

Listen to “She Bad” here: