Rick Ross Shares His Strategy On How To Finesse Flight Times

In the latest installment of Rick Ross dropping wisdom, the musi cmogul shared a game-changing tip for those looking to switch up their commercial flight plans at the last minute. The 47-year-old rap mogul took to his Instagram Stories on Monday (January 22) to unveil a secret move he claims has a near-perfect success rate. Ross, known for his larger-than-life persona, got straight to the point with his followers, revealing the undercover trick. “If you ever need to change your flight, listen — this how you do it,” he began, with that unmistakable boss aura. “Call Delta, it’s been a medical emergency. What’s the best medical emergency? Asthma attack.”

The Maybach Music Group founder then demonstrated the art of the move, taking his followers back to a time when private jets weren’t his primary mode of travel. In a humorous display, he theatrically coughed and wheezed, painting a vivid picture of someone in the midst of an apparent asthma crisis. It was the kind of performance that only he himself could deliver, adding a touch of entertainment to an otherwise pragmatic hack. Ross’s advice, although shared with a touch of humor, raises questions about the ethics of utilizing medical emergencies as an excuse for flight changes.

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Rick Ross Puts People On Game

While the rapper’s fans might find his trick amusing and resourceful, it’s essential to recognize the importance of honesty in such situations. In the world of Rick Ross, where extravagance meets practicality, this asthmatic flight change strategy adds another layer to the rapper’s multifaceted personality. Beyond the beats and rhymes, Rozay is now schooling his followers on the art of navigating the commercial aviation game. And he’s being funny while doing it.

As fans chuckled along with Ross’s demonstration, it’s worth noting that the trick may not work for everyone. Airlines have strict policies regarding flight changes, and using false medical emergencies could lead to consequences. While Rick Ross’s advice adds a comedic twist to the usual flight change struggles, it’s crucial to approach such tips with caution and, perhaps, a dash of skepticism. After all, in the unpredictable world of hip-hop and travel, you never know when you might need a boss-level strategy to secure that last-minute flight switch.

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