Rick Ross TRASHED by Baby Mama with the Help of Khia and TS Madison on #QueensCourt

Rick Ross and Tia Kemp have continued their social media back-and-forth, and now Tias called in backup. The mother Ross son has been much more vocal about the type parent Ricky Rozay is now that hes had a daughter with his new boo shes even added Khia and TS Madison to the mix.

The hate began soon after Ross daughter was born, with Kemp giving a contemptuous interview to Bossip about the whole thing.

Congrats to them, she said. I just hope he treats the baby better than he treats my son. She went on to say that Ross has missed out on several birthdays because the bad blood between the two parents.

Its sad, Kemp said. Its like, you hate me so much that you wont acknowledge your only son?

It hurts me to see my child hurt, Kemp added. Can you imagine having a celeb father, and when hes in town, he goes all these other places, but cant come to one your football games? Its sad.

She also attacked Ross for a photo the baby next to stacks money.

It was so tacky and ignorant, she said. Its embarrassing! Do you know how many people texted me about it? Wheres her mom?