Rick Ross Urges Social Distancing To Avoid "The Fungus"

Rick Ross with a PSA encouraging social distancing.

Celebrities have been uSome may find it difficult to stay in the house for extended periods of time but it’s necessary to prevent the spreading of Coronavirus. In fact, the more we work together as a society, the higher the likelihood we will get back to normal.

is the latest celebrity to issue a public service message about staying inside the house. Even though the message has been repeated on numerous occasions, Rick Ross has a way of driving the point home.

“The question of the day is: do you care? ‘Cause if you care, you’ll stay in the house if you can. You know why? Nah, they ain’t trying to control you. They wanna make sure you don’t bring that fungus to the family,” he said, referring to COVID-19. “The fungus is among us. Don’t take it to grandma. Don’t take it to your mama. I know you huggin’ them n***as down there to show ’em, ‘You real. I can’t get the fungus.’ So, you huggin’ n***as. Throwin’ parties at home, rollin’ another n***a blunt.”

Rick Ross does have a point. Perhaps, this is in reference to the video of Casanova  with his homies before hugging and kissing his mother. Though Rozay didn’t mention names, it seems to be quite relevant to that specific incident. 

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