Right In Time For The Holidays, Trizz Unveiled “A Letter To Santa” [Official Music Video]

LA-based rapper Trizz drops fantastic visuals, right in time for the holidays titled “A Letter To Santa.” With strange atmospheric textures incorporated in the soundscape, he layers over his precise and smooth flow all throughout the 2:19 minute track. 

The young rapper became an avid music aficionado at an early age, first picking up a microphone at the tender age of nine. Growing up in the suburbs of the Inland Empire, Hip-Hop became a way for Trizz and his neighborhood friends to escape boredom and the simplicities of living life on the outskirts. As his writing skills developed, Trizz perfected his lyrical skill and began producing his own beats and mixtapes under the moniker “Young Trizz”. His debut full-length EP, titled “Young Trizz”, demonstrates the journey of an independent artist looking to lead ahead of the pack.

He has since dropped multiple releases and has been featured in some of the most prestigious Hip_hop publications in the world. With the new visuals for “A Letter To Santa,” the independent rapper is set to spark mass appeal as the year ends, while preparing 2023 in the best of shapes. Stay tuned!

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