Rihanna And ASAP Rocky Delightfully Channel The Glamour Of An Old-Hollywood Film Noir For A New Fenty Beauty Ad

Rihanna is turning up the glitz and glamour for a luxurious new ad for her Fenty Beauty brand.

In the creative video, she appears alongside ASAP Rocky in an old Hollywood-inspired film noir, with the two really committing to the era. It first opens on RiRi, with the title card “Born To Steal” written in a movie-style font.

“She was a classy dame, but she had odd ways of showing her affection, from leaving me out cold in the dark to stealing my heart… and my stuff,” the voiceover says. “I’d let her get away with murder. The male chooses his attire carefully. Although the female’s choices are endless, she borrows from the male for her camouflage.”

Viewers see Rihanna dolled up in early-1900s-inspired makeup and a diamond necklace, as she dances around. She then changes into a suit. While getting dressed and trying it on, ASAP Rocky appears, nearly catching her in the process. He walks into the room, but much like the mystery movies, she is creatively hiding out of view.

Later on in the video, the two get together, eating breakfast as he reads the newspaper — including an issue where Rihanna is hilariously dubbed the “blazer bandit.” Basically, we need Rihanna to bring back these types of movies now.

Until that happens, if at all, check out Rihanna and ASAP Rocky starring in the “Born To Steal: Yours, Mine, Ours” Fenty Beauty ad above.