Rihanna Feels "Attacked" By Van Lathan’s "Ridiculously Fun Game" For Black People

Rihanna’s clearly played the game before.

Van Lathan may  but he’s still pulling in reactions from some of the biggest celebrities based on his social media moves. Van uploaded an image to his Instagram feed of a recent tweet he wrote, detailing a little game he plays at the club. The premise of the game is for Black individuals to watch their non-Black counterparts while they’re singing along to a song and catch whether they say the N-word or not. 

Rihanna Feels "Attacked" By Van Lathan's "Ridiculously Fun Game" For Black People
Phillip Faraone/Getty Images 

“RT if you’re Black, and watch lips to see which non Blacks sing the N word when ur in a club or concert. Like if this a ridiculously fun game,” he wrote, with a caption that reads his stats: “This is my life. I make bets with myself on who’ll do it. When someone skips the word, I give myself 40 acres. When they say it, I give myself a mule. Right now I have 80 acres and 1 mule. Let’s see how things go.”

, who’s clearly played the game before commented on Van’s post with: “I feel attacked 😩🙈🤷🏿‍♀️” The “Needed Me” singer didn’t share how many mules or acres of land she’s racked up but let’s hope she’s acquired more land. 

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