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Rihanna’s Father Denies Exploiting Rihanna’s Image In Ongoing Legal Family Battle

He says he has every right to use the name “Fenty” in his business dealings.

Nobody wins when the family feuds, but wants to make sure that her  just because they may be associated with her father. A, in January the pop singer fired off a lawsuit against her father, Ronald Fenty, accusing him of invasion of privacy, false advertising, and falsely using her name to promote his business, Fenty Entertainment. The court documents claimed that the entertainment company brandished its affiliation with the singer on its website and social media pages, even though she wasn’t represented by them, nor did she have any association with the company.

Rihanna's Father Denies Exploiting Rihanna's Image In Ongoing Legal Family Battle
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Earlier this month, a r by the name of Harvey “Chef Henny” Justice sued Ronald and Fenty Entertainment for falsely stating they represented Rihanna and for not fulfilling their end of the contract. Ronald has recently responded to Rihanna’s suit, and in documents obtained by The Blast, he states that he never exploited his daughter’s image.

He goes on to say that her brand hasn’t suffered any damages from his attempt to own a business and believes that he has the right to use the name Fenty for his entertainment company. “Defendants deny that their use of “Fenty” requires authorization from Plaintiffs,” the document reads. Ronald is asking that the lawsuit be dismissed because he doesn’t owe her any money and hasn’t caused her or her reputation any harm.

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