Roddy Ricch Gets Into Canada, Thanks To Drake

Drake has pull at the border.

is undeniably the hottest rapper in the game right now. “The Box” has been taking over the globe, thanks to TikTok, and he’s now the first rapper in 2003 to have t, tying ‘s Get Rich Or Die TryingPlease Excuse Me For Being Antisocial undoubtedly is a solid introductory effort for anyone who wasn’t following him prior to commercial success.

He’s currently on his North American tour in support of the album and like most rappers that enter Canadian territory, there’s always the possibility of getting denied. As much as race plays a factor in it, has also been denied at the border so there seems to inexplicable targetting towards rappers in general, as well. Anyways, Roddy Ricch has finally made it into Canada and it appears that he has to thank for that. Drake’s the plug and all it took was one phone call for Roddy to get into the country. “Called @Drake and bro he got me into Canada,” he tweeted with a muscle emoji. 

We’re sure Canadian fans are appreciating Drake’s efforts right now. Back in July, Roddy, a man of little words, simply tLater on, he . When we can expect to hear them is unconfirmed but it seems more than likely that Drake will show face during Roddy’s show tomorrow. 

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