Roddy Ricch Had $250K Championship Rings Custom-Made To Celebrate Grammy

It looks like Roddy Ricch and his crew will be receiving their custom-made, Grammy-themed championship rings in the mail soon after the rapper received the trophy itself.

Talk about perfect timing. just received his Grammy in the mail after nabbing Best Rap Performance at this year’s ceremony, and it looks like his celebratory ice will be arriving shortly after. On Tuesday (May 19th), , almost four months after he, , and the late won for their song “Racks in the Middle” earlier this year. According to TMZRoddy should be expecting some more shiny new goods in the mail soon, as the championship rings he had custom-made by celebrity jeweller, Elliot Eliantte, are nearly finished.

Shortly after he copped his first Grammy, Roddy commissioned Elliot to design seven championship rings for himself and some of his crew, and the jeweller has been hard at work on them ever since. TMZ reports that the rings are worth a whopping $250,000. Each piece is completely iced out with diamonds, and has a mini gold gramophone as its center stone.

Roddy Ricch Had $250K Championship Rings Custom-Made To Celebrate GrammyKevin Winter/Getty Images for The Recording Academy

Although one of his victorious collaborators is unfortunately no longer with us, Roddy made sure to thank Nipsey in his IG story once his trophy arrived. Other winners like also received their Grammys in the mail this week, although actually won the year before Roddy in 2019.

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