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Ronnie 2K Reveals Which NBA Player Is The Best At NBA 2K

Ronnie 2K says Paul George is “lethal” while playing as himself in NBA 2K.

Ronnie Singh, an employee of 2K Sports more commonly known as ‘Ronnie 2K’ on social media, has made a name for himself as the go-to guy for all things NBA 2K. Ahead of the highly anticipated , Ronnie 2K has shared player rating information as well as other details about the game.

Ronnie recently sat down with Rich Kleiman on “The Boardroom” to further discuss all things NBA 2K20, including which NBA star is the best in 2K. When asked to rank the top NBA gamers, Ronnie says Paul George is at the top.

“I always say the number one is Paul George, sorry Rich, sorry KD. He’s incredible at the game and he plays, playing himself – he’s really got a fix on like – A lot of NBA players don’t like playing as themselves but for whatever reason he’s got his own moves down. He’s lethal.”

As mentioned, a lot of NBA players don’t like playing as themselves in the video game, , who recently revealed that he always used to play with .

Ronnie continued, “Kevin’s [Durant] up there for sure. Kyrie is very good at the game too. Basically if I don’t put everybody up there I’m going to get roasted on twitter.”

Check out Ronnie 2K’s comments in the tweet embedded below, and  to watch the latest NBA 2K20 gameplay trailer.

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