Rowes – THINGS [Stream]


Harrow’s Rowes comes through with passion and poise on the hard hitting single ‘THINGS’. A rapper and producer, Rowes has been making waves in the underground, dropping his debut mixtape ‘Late Shift’ last year. Now back with a new single, and a new project on the horizon, Rowes impresses with his intelligent and introspective lyricism and vigorous, crunchy production. Borrowing sonic ideas from genres such as trap, drill and hip hop, Rowes will hope to stand out from his peers with a fresh, portentous take on UK rap. 

The rampant, booming beat is impactful and robust, with murky synths floating around the instrumental palette, complemented by the powerful, brazen drums. The peppy, full throttle musical landscape is ameliorated by the concise and concentrated vocal delivery, with Rowes offering a strong variety of flows. The narration offers a nuanced perspective of the familiar narrative of repetition and malaise that the pandemic has brought to society.

A raw and exciting rapper who has many strings to his bow, don’t be surprised to see big things to come from the ever improving Rowes. 

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