Rufus (Bizarre)- I Wish I Was High

Hip-Hop artist Bizarre from D12 has dropped the first single from his next solo project entitled ‘Rufus’ with this video “I Wish I Was High”.


This song, and the new project, are really going to change what fans think they know about Bizzare. “Rufus is my real name. I chose that name because I felt like it was time the fans got to hear my story” he says his forthcoming eponymous release. With that in mind, the Detroit emcee tapped producer and frequent collaborator Super to create Bizarre’s most diverse and introspective project to date. But rather than a complete departure from the fbeat style fans have come to know, Bizarre is pivoting towards musical content that encompasses all who he is and what he’s lived.


As he began trying to define the new project’s direction, Bizarre played a few songs for fellow D-12 alum Denaun Porter. “At the time, the only song I had where I was singing was ‘Wish I Was High,’ and he stopped the song halfway through and told me this was what I needed to do for the whole project,” Bizarre recalls.


Singing his way through Rufus allowed Bizarre to tap into a level vulnerability he might not have been able to reach otherwise. Through this equally emotionally draining and cathartic process, Bizarre shares his real life experiences on everything from his years-long battle with weight-loss; to the ways in which his life has been molded by his stepfather; to the loss his grandmother, complete with a recording what would be their last conversation.


Having direct access to his fans and the ability to receive their immediate and direct feedback over the past few years has allowed Bizarre to release music that framed his more serious, introspective content in such a way that those songs can co-exist alongside his more irreverent tracks. In other words, Rufus becomes the beginning a new chapter for Bizarre, bringing along the fans that are ready to grow with him, while giving new fans a 360-degree view who he’s always been.


Watch Bizarre’s new video “I Wish I Was High” above. Follow @eldorado2452 on Twitter and Instagram for all your music and entertainment news.

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