Ryan Reynolds & Michael Bay Join Forces For Netflix Film "Six Underground"

Ryan Reynolds and Michael Bay like to blow things up. Take the opening scene of Deadpool 2 for example. I won’t spoil it for anyone who hasn’t seen the film, but those who watched the sequel understand the reference. Bay, on the other hand, has spent the last decade blowing up anything he can fit onto a Transformers movie set. The adrenaline will surely be pumping in a new Netflix movie the two are working on together called Six Underground. 

According to VarietySkydance developed the movie and brought on Bay and Reynolds first. They then went to Netflix with the project, and the streaming site agreed to co-finance and produce the film. Netflix shelled out $125 million for the budget to beat out Paramount, which is Bay’s home studio. It is the largest production budget to date for the streaming site (in comparison, Will Smith’s Bright had a production budget of $90 million). Six Underground marks the first time that Bay and Reynolds will be working together, and also their first time working with Netflix. Reportedly, other than working with Bay for the first time, Reynolds was sold on working on a film that did not require the same promotional commitments that a movie like Deadpool had. The 41-year-old actor can film the movie and continue on to other projects without worrying about committing to a world press tour.

Six Underground is slated to hit Netflix next year. 

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