Sade Serena Releases New Single, Crave Me

The Miami based singer/actress Sade Serena is proving to be a relentless entertainer with her undoubtedly creative talent, artistry and sex appeal. In 2016 she released her very first EP “Jerk Sauce” which has an innovative mix songs like her dub-style single “DUM” and dance pop-infused track called “Renegade.” Now she’s ready to let the world hear her new summer vibe single called “Crave Me” where she sings over an uptempo clubbable beat.

Crave Me” single highlights her lyrical lustiness as Sade Serena expressed her femininity and female prowess with suggestive lyrics when she asked to be touched in all the right places and how she let it be known “a b*tch bad like me comes with a warning.” “Crave Me” is no doubt a female anthem but also an enjoyable dance track with a perfect blend reggae, soca and pop to get you into that partying mood. Everyone is surely going to love the vibe she brings with this new single.

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