SamRecks is Next in Line on Debut EP, ‘Easier Said Than Done’

Steve Basanti

British-Nigerian rapper SamRecks comes through with his debut EP, the 8-track Easier Said Than Done, a woozy stream of consciousness from the newcomer.

For a debut project, SamRecks could not impress any more than he does. Easier Said Than Done comes as a full package, backed by fluvial production, sticky flows and creative visuals. Lead single “BACK PACK” reeled listeners in with its warbling bounce, while the music video for “SUMO” shows SamRecks is as smooth with the ladies as the track itself.

Other highlights include “SEGA”, the best-produced song on the project with its blend of low horns and shimmering chimes; “4pm” and “Situationship 2” delve into the South Londoner’s love life; closer “Down for the Week” wraps the project up with a cool blend of rap, neo-soul and baroque. There’s plenty going on, and plenty takeaways for a project billed as a mere EP.

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Easier Said Than Done shows SamRecks is next in line to hit the big stage. Creatively, he has most of it worked out already, to the point where his appeal goes beyond just the music. If you weren’t paying attention before, it’s about time you do.

Listen to SamRecks’ debut EP Easier Said Than Done below.