Saucy Santana Clowns DJ Akademiks Amid 6ix9ine Rumors

Saucy Santana and DJ Akademiks are still going at it, and we’re now months into their beef with each other. For those unaware, this all started because of the latter’s comments on the former’s good friend Yung Miami, for which he had to step in to come to her defense. Since then, the two have gone back and forth, dragging in other names like Wack 100 into the mix as folks “pick sides” in this ridiculous feud. Still, it probably won’t slow down anytime soon, especially as both find new reasons to call each other out. As such, given recent explosive allegations about the streamer and commentator, this new development is unsurprising.

Moreover, Saucy Santana took to his Instagram Story to clown on DJ Akademiks for the now-viral 6ix9ine rumors. If you didn’t already hear, the rainbow-haired provocateur’s ex Jade claimed that the two have been “f***ing for a very long time.” Not only that, but she also threatened to post more embarrassing evidence of Tekashi if he were to retaliate. “Don’t make me post this video with me playing with ya a**,” Jade continued on her Instagram Story recently.

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Saucy Santana Wants DJ Akademiks To Address The Rumors

Of course, this gave Saucy Santana ample material to work with as he addressed the former Everyday Struggle host on IG. “Akademiks, get your a** on Twitch, b***h!” he exclaimed in a black-and-white video. “They out here saying you f***ing mens, barbarian. So get your a** up on the Internet, b***h! Let’s hear it. I ain’t got no c**chie for you, but do your thing.” Furthermore, the rest of the chronically online folks are having a field day with these rumors. The rapper’s just joining in the fun as we wait for Ak to respond.

Meanwhile, he will soon join the cast of Love & Hip Hop: Atlanta, expanding on his extracurriculars in addition to his music career. You can’t deny that the 30-year-old is an incredibly charismatic personality, so his exploits on the show should be very fun to see. We’ll find out whether his current rival has anything to say about that to heat up this conflict. On that note, stay up to date on HNHH for the latest news and updates on Saucy Santana, 6ix9ine, and DJ Akademiks.

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