Schitt's Creek, Mariah Carey: Dear Class of 2020

The cast of Schitt’s Creek reunited for YouTube Originals’ “Dear Class of 2020” commencement live stream on Sunday (June 7) — with one very special guest joining them. As the Rose family and their friends serenaded students with a rendition of Mariah Carey’s “Hero,” Carey herself hopped on the Zoom call, causing David (Daniel Levy) to lose his mind.

After a minute of banter between Moira, Johnny, David and Alexis, six more recurring characters from Schitt’s Creek stepped into the live stream, and with Noah Reid taking lead, the group of 10 harmonized on “Hero” before Carey popped up in the middle of them all. “I think I’m having a heart attack!” Levy erupted when Carey offered a few bars of “Always Be My Baby” following the performance.

Schitt’s Creek diehards no doubt relished the reunion after the show concluded its five-year run this past April. Along with the cast of the sitcom, Beyonce, Taylor Swift, President and Mrs. Obama and many more joined “Dear Class of 2020” to celebrate the achievement of students around the world.

Watch the “Dear Class of 2020” live stream below:

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