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ScHoolboy Q Urges American Rappers To Boycott Sweden In Support Of A$AP Rocky

Free Rocky.

The Free Rocky movement is going strong these days. A$AP Rocky isover an assault that went down last weekend. His peers and friends have pushed to create awareness for the rapper’s scenario while his team launched a . and both in Sweden but now, Q is urging all of his peers in the rap industry to do the same in support of Pretty Flacko.

ScHoolboy Q was on stage this week when he declared his boycott of Sweden. Now, Q isn’t one to hop on the boycott bandwagon, as we’ve seen with his take on Gucci, but with Sweden’s treatment of Rocky, Q believes that all American rappers should avoid performing in the country. The rapper was performing at Woo Hah festival when the crowd launched into a “Free A$AP’ chant.

“Lemme say this right quick: Fuck Sweden,” he said. “They ain’t never gonna get another American artist to perform there. I know they probably don’t care or whatever but you will never get another American rap artist to ever perform in Sweden… American rappers stick to-fucking-gether, dawg. We don’t do that shit. We ain’t goin’ to Sweden.”

He added, “And if you see an American in Sweden, fuck that n***a.”

Peep the clip below.

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