Senior’s Music Fuels Fans’ Ambition

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Music is an extremely powerful motivator. Artists such as Drake, The Weeknd, and Lil Baby talk about their personal struggles as sources of inspiration and motivation that would not let them quit. Now, artist Senior, real name James William Awad, is debuting his new album, which is all about supporting and igniting that very emotion.

Connecting with fans on a deeper level through his beats, Senior aims to inspire, energize, and recharge. His music is based on real life experiences: Senior faced a lot of rejection early on in his life, but that never broke his spirit and his music is a true testament.

With his upcoming album set to be released in October, Senior is igniting fans’ ambition. The album is dedicated to those who won’t quit and use music as an outlet for their emotions and a source of internal power.

The album will come in two varieties: the Original and Deluxe. The Original includes 14 songs while the Deluxe features 16. Each and every song has been crafted carefully by Senior at the studio, ready to metaphorically jump out of the record and infuse the feeling of power and drive into each and every fan.

The album is already extremely highly-anticipated, especially after the release of Senior’s debut single titled “Alexandra,” which had fans raving and asking for more. The artist gives his heart and soul to his fans through his music and is beyond excited to reveal his latest project.

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