Serena Deena Releases Hot New Single “You Should Know”

IMG_4278 Serena Deena Releases Hot New Single “You Should Know”

From a dancer to taking her professional music career to the max by a young age. Serena Deena is a versatile artist coming from a family that didn’t support her dreams and wanted her to pursue other interests. Despite familial challenges and facing the constant weight of financial troubles, Serena Deena never lost sight of her dreams or ambitions and became the artist she is today.

Alongside her numerous talents, Serena Deena is a top-notch writer. Keeping up with Grammy-nominated producers and musicians, her lyrics go over the top with both lyrical content and weight, which is showcased on her newest track “You Should Know”. While listening to her latest single, you can instantly hear the sound she has crafted.

Serena Deena’s “You Should Know” is a collaboration with Grammy-nominated producer RmB Justize, and tells the story about a girl falling in love with a relationship she didn’t see coming. “You Should Know” carries that soulfulness that all of Serena Deena’s songs carry.
Captivating listeners with her lyrics and delivery, fans have already begun raving about the new release. You can listen to “You Should Know” on streaming platforms here.  

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