Seth Rogen Reveals He Helped Rewrite "Bad Boys II" To Add More Comedy

Seth Rogen’s BEEN making us laugh.

A lot of people may argue that Bad Boys II is better than the first film in the franchise. One of the leading stars Will Smith recently detailed how director Michael Bay purposely wanted the first movie to be more serious and directed him to “just stand there and be hard” as opposed to making comedic faces to Martin Lawrence’s character’s reactions. 

Seth Rogen Reveals He Helped Rewrite "Bad Boys II" To Add More Comedy
Kevin Winter/Getty Images

The second film has a lot more jokes and clever punchlines and a lot of people were today-years-old when they found out that the Superbad actor Seth Rogen had something to do with that. The revelation was made on Twitter when one user made it clear that he thinks the second movie is way better, prompting Seth to reply: “I helped rewrite bad boys 2.”

He added in another tweet: “Judd was rewriting it and me and Evan were broke so he gave us a bit of money to help. I don’t remember much but we all definitely wrote the joke where they don’t know the words to the song, and where Martin shoots the machine gun in the car by accident. And probably many more…”

So there you have it, Seth contributed to your laughs in the second film. . 


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