Seth Rogen’s Houseplant Reveals “Jawbreaker” All-in-One Rolling Tray


Seth Rogen’s lifestyle brand, Houseplant, has been building a catalog of functionally fun items since its establishment in 2019. One of those items is its All-in-One Rolling Tray, which has now been updated with a new color.

Crafted from concrete, the sturdy piece features an ashtray, elevated grinder, large rolling surface and a place to store rolling papers. But this time, the hand-poured concrete piece comes in “Jawbreaker,” which has shades of salmon pink, coral, deep beige and light gray.

Aside from “Jawbreaker,” the piece also returns in “Coffee and Cream,” which features shades of graphite, beige and slate gray. Previously, the rolling tray was also released “Mini Eggs” and “OG,” which housed a variety of divided mineral pigments. Take a look at the new and returning colorway in the gallery above.

Priced at $550 USD, the “Jawbreaker” All-in-One Rolling Tray is available now online at Houseplant.

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