Sexyy Red Pits Her Men Against Each Other In The Mischievous ‘I Might’ Video With Summer Walker

Sexyy Red is, for lack of a better term, an absolute menace for anyone in a relationship with her — at least judging by her musical output so far. While dating Red promises frequent trips to “Pound Town,” it apparently also comes with jailhouse drama, a “Rich Baby Daddy” she doesn’t seem too fond of, and other assorted mess that comes from dealing with an unabashed “Hood Rat” who truly doesn’t give a… you know.

Her new video for “I Might” with Summer Walker details her latest misadventures in romance, threatening to call up her side piece when her baby daddy starts acting up. She even takes sinister glee in pitting the two men against each other, which in the song means chuckling that her baby daddy “gon’ leavе you leakin’ in a alley” if he finds out about her infidelity. In the video, she takes the mischief a step further, cackling from the sidelines with her third option as her jilted boo thang confronts her number two, only to find himself swiftly outnumbered and surrounded by his rival’s fellow hooligans. Cinema, truly.

Summer Walker turns out to be a perfect pairing, as she’s always been with starting a fight on record, but brings the softness to the track that makes it deceptively catchy. Seriously, it’s a great song, but if I ever run into either in person, I’m running the other way.

Watch Sexyy Red’s “I Might” video with Summer Walker above.