Sexyy Red Shares More Maternity Pics, Slams Folks Trying To Find Baby Daddy

Sexyy Red just shared some more maternity pics from her shoot with her baby daddy, who people are scrambling to identify online. While we doubt that we will get an answer to that question anytime soon, we at least have these new snaps showing her one step closer to a new baby. Moreover, the rapper dons a kimono-like dress and eschews her iconic red locks for a jet black-haired look, holding up a fan of cash to cool her down. Overall, it’s been very wholesome to see this phase in her life; she may not be a new mother, but having a child under such a massive celebrity spotlight must feel like something entirely different.

Furthermore, Sexyy Red also recently clapped back at people trying to figure out who her baby daddy is. “Y’all wanna play detective on my good life so bad,” she remarked on her Instagram page. “Like, can y’all worry about them unpaid bills y’all got? That stinky c**chie y’all got, that dirty a** house I know y’all got, ’cause y’all need to go clean up. Go wash your a**, do something productive instead of worrying about me, okay? I don’t understand, like, y’all… it’s just cr*zy. I just wanna know, why y’all wanna know who I’m crackin’ so bad? Why, so y’all can go crack them after me? Is that what’s going on? ‘Cause why y’all wanna know what I got goin’ on? Don’t worry about it. I told y’all. It’s Chief Keef. I don’t wanna hear about it no more. I told y’all, it is what it is.”

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Sexyy Red’s New Maternity Pics & Response To Baby Daddy Mystery: Watch

Elsewhere, the St. Louis native also commented to Billboard about people assuming all her lyrics are the same. “I just rap about my daily life,” Sexyy Red remarked. “Like, girls that live like me, I just rap about what we up to. And I don’t sit here talking about “c**chie” all day. I don’t understand how that’s the first thing that catch on from everything I done said. I think they hear what they wanna hear. ‘Cause they just start comparing me to all kind of people and say, ‘That’s all she talk about.’ But I be like, ‘So, you didn’t hear me say this?’ Like, why is that the only thing you got from that message? I don’t understand.”

The St. Louis Native Speaks On Her Lyrics: Watch

Meanwhile, the 25-year-old is also showing support to other new moms in the pop culture world. For example, she congratulated DDG and Halle Bailey, who recently announced they’re expecting their first child. We wish the best for all these families in the future, and hope fans can take away more from Red’s catalog than just her romantic life. For more news and the latest updates on Sexyy Red, stay posted on HNHH.

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