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Shahadi Wright Joseph Opens Up About Going To A "Dark Place" For "Us"

Jordan Peele’s “Us” had the cast exploring some dark territory.

Jordan Peele’s Us proved to be a commercial and critical success, making a case that originality can indeed success in Hollywood. And while his groundwork continues to pave the way for a new lane of horror, it’s not always easy for an actor to bring themselves to meet his dark vision. Actress Shadadi Wright Joseph recently spoke with Page Six about her experience starring in Peele’s Us, alongside a cast of Lupita Nyong’o, Winston , and Evan Alex. As she tells it, getting into character wasn’t always an easy task.

“I definitely had to go to a dark space,” she tells the publication. “The movie was very eerie. Since I’m so young, I never had any personal experiences to relate to Umbrae, so I really just had to put myself into her shoes and find out what it was like to be her. I would have to go deep into my head.” 

For what it’s worth, Wright Joseph turned in a great performance as both of Zora and her more sinister counterpart Umbrae. It goes to show that the younger generation of actors has been stepping it up in recent memory, and it’s nice to hear an up-and-coming talent elaborate on her creative process. Look for Us to hit -Ray and Digital markets on June 18th.


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