Out of Oakland, California, but based in Los Angeles, Shawn Sosa is a multi-talented and versatile artist, gaining the attention of worldwide music lovers. Although Shawn Sosa is fond of all genres of music, his main focus is hip-hop. Whether we are considering lyrics, voice, or music beats, Sosa is no less than a professional. Until now, Shawn has composed and released very minimal songs due to his work behind the scenes. Shawn Sosa is the master engineer and producer behind some of your favorite TV show songs, taking a step back to focus on film scoring and the production of other artists.

Shawn Sosa has recently made some noise with his recent single “Real One” going viral through Spotify with minimal promotion. This has put Shawn back on track for stepping back into the spotlight and becoming one of the industry’s hottest artists. That being said, he is also part owner of “GS Productions,” a production company based out of Burbank, California, whose sole purpose is to focus on behind-the-scenes sound and film work.


Managing himself as an artist and a business owner is hard work, but it is a challenge that Shawn Sosa is willing to accept. Most of Shawn’s work, including his unreleased tracks, is based on his true experience of reality. Shawn Sosa knew that fans, especially those fond of rap culture, admire reality-based songs. So listening to his music, you are really putting yourself in his shoes, from his struggle to his famed new lifestyle. It is something that gives him a way to express his emotions in certain situations. One of the many reasons Shawn is stepping back into the limelight with his storytelling

Hoping to grasp the moment once again, he is on track to be featured in many more hip-hop magazines as well as collaborate with some of hip-hop’s newest and hottest artists. Another unique feature of his music is the fusion of genres and his ability to mix, master, and produce his own work. Many close to him have dubbed him the NoCal version of “Dre Dre” with his ambition to be one of the greatest behind and in front of the scenes, as well as being business-minded.

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