Shy Glizzy Is Alive Despite Rumors

Earlier this week, some reports surfaced suggesting that Shy Glizzy was dead. For obvious reasons, the news was shocking and managed to sadden those who believed it. Fortunately, however, it appears as though he’s still very much alive, according to his DJ. The DJ, DJ Flow, took to Twitter to set the record straight, even providing fans with proof that Shy’s still kicking. “SHY GLIZZY IS ALIVE F*CK IS WRONG WITH YALL,” he wrote.

He then went on to share a screenshot of a text conversation between him and the DC rapper, in which he asks his friend to confirm. “Just confirm with me you good bro,” he tells Shy Glizzy. Glizzy then responds with a photo, letting the DJ know that he’s okay. “For the weirdos who need confirmation,” DJ Flow captioned the image.

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DJ Flow Proves That Shy Glizzy Isn’t Dead

It appears as though the rumors all began when a local news outlet reported that he was the victim of a fatal shooting. They later followed up with a correction, confirming that the individual shot wasn’t Shy Glizzy. They also went on to reveal that the person who was shot hadn’t died either. “@Jefe is alive and the person shot tonight is conscious and breathing and isn’t him!!!” the outlet wrote. It’s safe to say that fans are relieved to hear that Shy Glizzy is still alive. With that being said, this isn’t the only shocking controversy he’s been a part of lately.

Earlier this year, it was reported that the rapper allegedly threatened to kill his ex-girlfriend, Amaya Colon. In her request for a restraining order, the model accused her ex of having “anger issues.” She went on to detail an alleged incident which saw Shy Glizzy follow her in her vehicle and bang on her windows with a firearm. He denies ever threatening Colon. In July, it was revealed that the artist won’t be facing charges in the case, as the court was unable to find sufficient evidence. Colon appears to still have a temporary restraining order against her ex.

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