Sia Visits Walmart & Pays For People’s Items, Says She Won The Lottery

A little fib and a good deed.

For many of her performances, Grammy-nominated singer and performance artist Sia conceals her face. She’s known for her black and blonde-haired wigs that shielded her identity, but now that the certified platinum-selling singer is an international superstar—following her hit albums and collaborations with artists like , , , Kendrick Lamar, , , , Pink, Fetty Wap, Mac Miller, and many others—some 

Sia Visits Walmart & Pays For People's Items, Says She Won The Lottery
Stephen Lovekin/Getty Images

Days ago, Sia wanted to do a good deed without recognition and she almost got away with it if it hadn’t been for one fan who pointed out who she was. Sia was just a  when she blessed a handful of strangers by paying for their items. She floated from one register to another asking “Who’s next” as she used her card to pay. One woman was so grateful that she bought Sia a bouquet of flowers and gave her a hug.

The singer told people that her name was “SiSi” and when asked why she was spending money on strangers Sia told people she’d just won the lottery and wanted to help others. Check out a few clips and photos of Sia’s Walmart moment below.

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