Skeamer – Stay Real feat. Scorcher & Snap Capone [Video]

South West Londoner Skeamer joins forces with UK rap veterans Scorcher and Snap Capone to give fans the collaboration they wanted on the pithy, powerful and pondering new single ‘Stay Real’. An excellent, thoughtful lyricist, Skeamer has become infamous for his ability to provoke empathy in his narratives, whether the listener relates to the situations and reflections themselves or not. All 3 artists offer authenticity in their writing that is often absent in the current hip hop climate. On Stay Real, vivid description and poetic penchant converge to offer a gritty and profound timbre. 

On the atmospheric beat, that acknowledges old school grime tendencies whilst sounding modernistic and savvy, we hear ghostly, necromantic piano and synth melodies, supported by an eerie vocal sample and forceful, progressive percussion. Skeamer’s hook and verse are striking; with deep, cultured lyricism and signature flows. Scorcher is similarly impressive, bringing stark lyricism and powerful delivery to the hard-hitting instrumental. Perhaps the strongest performance, however, is Snap Capone, who comes through with ferocious, full-throttle delivery, attacking the beat with vigour and nuance. 

A love letter to the past and an examination of the future, Stay Real is the work of talented, erudite artists.

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