Skilla Baby Addresses Jumping Incident

Skilla Baby has broken his silence on getting jumped while taking photos with fans. “I got a war wound,” the rapper said in a video posted to social media, gesturing to a bruise on his cheek. “I look like I’m part of a domestic violence,” he continued. “That right hook that n-gga throw is dangerous, tho. It’s dangerous,” he said as he spoke to a friend off-camera. Skilla also claimed that he would have fought back if he believed that it would benefit him. However, he argued that there would have been no purpose to him fight back.

However, Skilla also called out his attacker. “This ain’t why you no gangster, n-gga. But you walk up on a n-gga with a pregnant lady and some kids? Yo, you walk up on me tryna go live, man? Stop doing that shit. That live shit is police shit, man. N-gga, y’all always tryna walk up on me and saying like, bitches n-gga.”

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Skilla Baby Jumping Explained

Skilla’s comments relate to an incident in which he was recently jumped at a fan meet. The footage of the altercation went viral on social media. Skilla was taking photos with several fans when he was confronted by a group of several people. They appeared to be trying to rile him up for the purpose of getting a viral fight video. While Skilla did not seemingly rise to the occasion, he did exchange words with the men. That led to a brief but fierce brawl.

It’s still unclear what started the altercation. However, Skilla is adamant that he did nothing wrong and the fight was the result of people trying to get that “live”. However, this remains a developing story and we’ll update you if anything new emerges about the story. Whose side are you on in this incident? Let us know in the comments.

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