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Slim 400 Is Quitting Rap If Hip Hop Embraces Snitches Fresh Out Of Jail

His beef with Tekashi 6ix9ine isn’t exactly a secret.

ComplexCon was the site of a confrontation between and Slim 400 in the Fall of last year. As Tekashi approached the doors with his entourage,  so they couldn’t pass. We reported on the shouting match between the two groups before Tekashi, who was on probation, decided to turn away and avoid further conflict.

At the time, Tekashi was beefing with Slim’s close friend and fellow rapper, . The Compton rappers haven’t been shy about airing their , and  backdrop when he performed his single, “Stop Snitchin.” The racketeering case against Tekashi is a hefty one,  has cooperated with the federal investigation against his friends and associates in exchange for a lighter sentence.

Hip hop has been divided over the issue, with the Cancel Culture calling for the excommunication of snitches, while 6ix9ine’s fans—and a few of his rapper friends—are looking forward to him returning home as soon as possible. Earlier this week, we reported that Tekashi’s girlfriend  in six months. She’s since changed her words, but once news began to circulate, it  would be waiting to welcome Tekashi home with open arms.

Slim 400 Is Quitting Rap If Hip Hop Embraces Snitches Fresh Out Of Jail
Bob Levey/Getty Images

Slim 400 shared a video clip on his Instagram page where he doesn’t directly reference Tekashi or his case, but he did speak about what he thinks of the rap game accepting snitches back in the fold. According to Slim, making hits with other artists, then Slim will be done with rap altogether.

“N*ggas out here talkin’ this ‘I’m ’bout to be back’ type sh*t,” Slim began. “I feel like this…[if the] rap game let these snitches that be on black and white—fresh out of jail—back in the industry and weird ass n*ggas dong songs with ’em and sh*t…I feel like I’m done with the little hip hop rap game sh*t. I’m ’bout to be on some rock ‘n’ roll, n*ggas catch me overseas doing techno type sh*t. Like, that’s out.”

He continued, “If a n*gga on black and white is proven to the public, that’s out. We ain’t f*ckin’ with n*ggas. So if a n*gga do come back and he on some rap sh*t, and n*gga drop new songs with new features and it’s brackin’, count Slim 400 out.” Slim was recently released from the hospital after he was ambushed on the streets of Compton as he visited a family member.  from his injuries,within a few weeks of the shooting.

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