Slim Dunkin's Father Unable To Collect $11M Granted In Lawsuit

A man who was granted $11 million following thefatal shooting his son, rapper Slim Dunkin, is now suing his former lawyers.

According to the Atlanta Journal Constitution, Mark Hamilton hasn’t beenable to collect the $11 million he received in the judgementafter Slim Dunkin was shot in December 2011.The 24-year-old Wake Flocka Flame protgwaskilled on a video set for Gucci Mane’s “Push Ups”at East Atlantas Zone 6 Studio.

Hamilton claims his former lawyers, Bruce Hagen and Myrlin Earle, failed to collect he cash from Brick Squad Music Group LLC and Vinson Hardimon (the man accused and later acquitted in Slim Dunkin’s murder).

Slim Dunkin’s father alsosaid he would’vehad a better chance getting paid by Gucci Mane, Warner Bros. Music International and Neeki Properties. Hamilton’s lawyers weren’tsuccessful in receiving a judgement from any the three.

Despite the lawsuit, Hamilton’s former lawyers said they have done nothing wrong and plan on fully defending themselves.

“Mr. Hamilton suffered an incredible tragedy when he lost his son,” Bruce Hagen said in an email to the AJC. “I have always been, and remain, very sorry for his loss. The claims that Mr. Hamilton has made against me and Mr. Earle, however, are entirely without merit and will be defended to the fullest extent.