Slow Down, Offset: Turk Thinks Migos Being GOAT Group Is Ridiculous

Turk, one quarter the iconic New Orleans Hip Hop group Hot Boys, has responded to Offsets claims that Migos are the biggest group ever in any genre. Offset made the claim during a recent conversation with Big Boy at Migos Culture II release party.

In response, Turk took to Instagram Live to shoot down Offsets claims, even labeling his comments as foul-ass shit.

Yall know Im gonna keep this shit all the way real, and I wouldnt be me if I didnt, Turk said. But for a nigga to say they the best group ever not the best group right now thats doing they thing but the best group ever, man thats some real disrespectful-ass, foul-ass shit right there. I wouldnt be right, me being in a group that was big, that niggas emulate to this day, including the mothafuckin’ Migos.

While he maintains his respect and appreciation for Migos, Turk says Offset should go back and rethink his comments.

When you go to saying you the biggest ever. Nah, Offset,” he continued. “Offset, you my nigga and all, but come on, man, retrack your words about that, man. Straighten it out. I dont think you really meant the best group ever like you said it on Big Boy. Maybe I heard it wrong but nah, bro. Yall are not the biggest group ever. I think yall are great, and yall are the culture right now, but yall are not the biggest group ever Yall say yall bigger than some the pop groups. That mean like Kiss, the rock and roll groups, The Beatles. Come on, man.

Listen to Turk’s comments above.