Smash Looks to Soar up The Charts with New Hit “Road”

smash-new-years-2020-pic-3-1 Smash Looks to Soar up The Charts with New Hit “Road”

Planting his roots in London, United Kingdom, up-and-coming artist Smash is looking to expand his career far past his hometown. After a turn of events that led him to become an artist specializing in music production and engineering, Smash began to take music extremely seriously. His recent hit “Road” puts the hard work that Smash puts into his craft on display.

“Road” is a high-tempo song that brings tons of energy along with it. Created to captivate crowds with its jaw-clenching base drops, this song is perfect for any EDM “junk head.” Smash hit the nail on the head with this one and has set himself up correctly for the future ahead.

“Road” is a one-of-a-kind song from Smash, who hopes to use his unique sound to break the barrier between him and stardom. Keep up with Smash as he soars up the charts in 2021.

Stream Smash’s “Road” on Spotify here.

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