Snoop Dogg Shared A Throwback Photo Of Himself With Kurt Cobain, But The Only Problem Is That The Photo Is Fake (Again)

Time, as the man once said, is a flat circle. Everything we’ve ever done or will do, we’re gonna do over and over again.

Case in point: Snoop Dogg is once again sharing photos with Kurt Cobain. The last time he did so was in 2019 when he posted a recently resurfaced photo of himself and the Nirvana frontman hanging out in 1992. There was just one problem: The photo was fake, and Snoop had been fooled by a clever PhotoShop job by an Instagram user, Vemix, whose whole bit is pairing celebrity photos.

Today, Snoop posted another photo with himself and Cobain, this time, with the addition of Dr. Dre. Once again, though, it seems Snoop was the victim of yet another PhotoShop by Vemix. Snoop apparently thought the pic was real yet again, captioning the photo “Throwbac.” Incidentally, it is mostly real: The photo was from the 1994 American Music Awards, however, it didn’t originally feature Cobain. Instead, it featured the photographer Ron Wolfson’s son, Ryan, whose face Vemix replaced with Kurt’s. Wolfson noted the change in Snoop’s comments, but the Doggfather has yet to acknowledge the comment.

snoop dogg comments ryan wolfson kurt cobain photo

Interestingly enough, Snoop previously posted the original photo, which Wolfson reposted onto his own page back in 2021. I’ll give you three guesses as to why Snoop doesn’t remember.

Out of respect for Wolfson’s copyrights, you can check out Snoop’s erroneous post here and the original photo here.