Snoop Dogg Shares Photo Of "The New Kanye West" & It’s Probably What You Expect

All week, Snoop Dogg has been going in on Kanye West for his recent string of comments about politics, slavery and more. Ye has alienated a portion of his audience to focus on a narrative of “free thought.” Snoop hasn’t been shy about clowning the Yeezus rapper on Instagram, saying that he believes he is headed towards “Get Out 2,” saying him and Donald Trump deserve each other and questioning Kim Kardashian’s influence on him. His affiliate Daz Dillinger went a step further, effectively banning Kanye from the state of California aside from his home in Calabasas and putting out a Crip alert to “fuck him up.” Snoop decided to speak up again, likening Kanye’s recent behavior to somebody of a much lighter skin tone.

Posting an edited photo of Kanye as a white man, Snoop’s photo was accompanied by a short caption, reading, “The new. Kanye well allwhite now way to go dude.” Congratulating Ye on his “transition,” Snoop is joking around but all trolling aside, it is very likely that the Gin & Juice feels a type of way about the man’s recent comments, much like Daz. While he may not go as far as his cousin Daz in creating a diss record named “FUCKANYEUP,” Snoop is voicing his opinion on the matter as Uncle Snoop would normally: through memes.

Hopefully, Kanye uses the same energy he’s been showing on Twitter to release yet another masterpiece. While many have their opinions on Ye at the moment, he has consistently dropped classic tunes for us to enjoy and his upcoming albums will likely be more of the same.

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