Snoop Recalls the Time Tupac Brought Weed and Madonna to 'SNL'

Though Tupac died over two decades ago, he will forever be immortalized through the tales his friends tell about him. Luckily, there’s no shortage of Tupac stories.

Snoop Dogg is throwing his memories into the pile of Tupac stories, recalling how he found out Pac and Madonna were more than friends.


Snoop Recalls the Time Tupac Brought Weed and Madonna to 'SNL'

Source: Instagram @khalilkain

Snoop isn’t the only one with a story about the late Tupac. Juice star Khalil Kain came through with one of his own, sharing a thing or two about the “Dear Mama” rapper’s time on the set of Juice.

Before telling the story, Kain explained that Tupac was the type to give love to everyone, ignoring the fact that “you can’t help everybody.”

“Everybody’s not your brother,” he explained. “But Pac felt that way. He was like, you know, ‘If I have five dollars, I’m giving away two dollars. I’m grabbing this young dude and putting him up on game. I’m gonna hug this cat that I see on the corner and see what’s up with him.’”

The Wrong One

“He invited the wrong kid into the trailer to hang out, and the kid stole some jewelry and got his a** beat, got stomped out. You know, those are the rules,” Kain continued.

The incident happened after Kain had been “shot and killed off” the movie. However, since the ordeal happened on a day that he was visiting the set with a female friend, Kain got to witness it.

Madonna and ‘SNL’

Snoop Recalls the Time Tupac Brought Weed and Madonna to 'SNL'

Credit: Jason Merritt/ Getty Images

Kain didn’t witness the first time Snoop met Madonna though. Only the Long Beach artist and Madonna herself could have told this story.

As the tale goes, while Snoop was in New York City for a Saturday Night Live performance, he was short on weed. The “Gin And Juice” rapper called Tupac — who conveniently happened to be in NYC at the same time — to bring him a ” big bag of that do it fluid.”

He began, “I was in New York, and I was doing Saturday Night Live. And he was out here, and he was like, ‘Wassup my n***a? Where you at?’ I’m like, ‘I’m at Saturday Night Live. I ain’t got no dope.’”

“That’s when it was hard getting weed over here,” he added.


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