SOB x RBE Allegedly Shouted "F*** Migos" During Concert

On Friday night, SOB x RBE played a gig at The Observatory in Santa Ana, California. On the surface there is nothing particularly abnormal about a West Coast group playing in their locale. What makes their performance something of a calamity, are words uttered by member Yhung T.O. before a performance of their song “Paramedic!”

He grabs sole control of the PA system and declares his quartet SOB x RBE, “the hottest group in the game,” pitting them against Migos for the top spot.

“Check this out, though. You can tell Migos we the hottest group in the game.”

The reaction from the crowd makes it hard to comprehend the rest of Yhung T.O.’s statement. Those in attendance claim he said “Fuck Migos” near the end of his speech. At this point, it’s unclear why the group has taken an adversarial stand. Migos and SOB x RBE greatly differ from a musical standpoint, but it’s not common for young and up comers to latch on to a bigger name as a rites of passage. Stick around for the turnaround, if Migos don’t respond swiftly, the internet will make that decision for them.


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