Sometimes [Music Video]

Manchester lyricist XP BURSTGANG is back with the in-demand visuals for one of the standout tracks on his debut album, the tender Murkage Dave collaboration ‘Sometimes’.

Appearing as the closing track on his new LP Better Late Than Never, which landed at the end of August, the piano-led ballad finds XP recalling hard times, paying tribute to a late relative, and reflecting on the grip of substance abuse as a coping mechanism. It ends with a moving outro from East London native and Tonga Balloon Gang member Murkage Dave, who shares some existential musings through a string of witty, video game-related wordplay.

XP reflects on the song saying:

“Sometimes’ is one of my more revealing pieces of music. It means a lot to me because it reminds me of times that I had suppressed until actually writing the song, so it became a very therapeutic process.

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