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Sophia Messa Is a Total Cool Girl On Catchy New Track ‘Offyourface’: Premiere

Rising pop singer Sophia Messa returns today (June 7) with another infectious track, titled "Offyourface."

It's an easy-breezy tune that seems to roll right off the tongue. The Brazilian-American singer, 19, comes off as a total cool girl, one who's taking a risk with a relationship and seems to be happy and confident no matter what the outcome.

Messa's rich voice rides the percussive, bass-heavy beat as she sings, "Off your face, off your face/ You'll be wiping tears off your face/ Doesn't mean my loving for you is that way/ You're the last one I wanna hurt, baby."

"The song is about jumping into a relationship — maybe a bit too quickly — but it also celebrates going with your gut when entering new relationships and the idea of going after what you want," Messa tells Billboard. That being said, she'd prefer fans "tie the song into their own lives," interpreting it however they see fit.

"Offyourface" follows Messa's debut single, "Moneydontfixlonely." 

Listen below.

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