Sophomooreik Is Back In Style With An Energising Anthem “Pick Me Up”

Liam Moore, best known as Sophomooreik is back in style with a brand new release; the single titled “Pick Me Up.” He follows-up to his previous body of work, the album Over My Shoulders, released in 202. Once again, the talented artist showcases his unique signature style, a mix of authentic storytelling and trap, electronica and alternative hip-hop.

The established shrewd and perceptive storyteller, using his own experiences, and those of the people around him, always alternates between fictional and autobiographical songs, never starining for effect while remaining true to his roots. 

He grew up with an appetite for discovering and exploring new music and would spend hours rummaging in HMV. This was where he discovered Eminem and became drawn to rap. At just 10 years old, Moore was challenging himself and his peers to write verses on beats. 

Speaking about his creative process, he shares: “I work out what I want to say first and then I look into the beats. I want my lyrics to do all the work and lead the music, not the other way around.”

The release of “Pick Me Up” will even further the rise of one of the most skilled urban music creators of his generation, so make sure to keep him on your radar!

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