Sparks The Beatmaker Is Making Major Moves Within The Detroit Music Industry

Sparks The Beatmaker, also known as Sharkel Bennett hails from Ypsilanti, MI a small town with a very creative scene. Early on, Sparks was exposed to the culture of music through the Church as he would attend with his grandmother and other family members. It didn’t take long before Sparks had a spark for music. He was captivated by the rhythm of the drums and took up sticks to begin working on his craft.

Playing for several years in the Church led him to desiring a deeper more intricate knowledge of music and the industry that defined it. He started attending studio sessions where he would then learn about the art of production. Thus, Sparks The Beatmaker emerged. Over the years Sparks has produced for several upcoming artists gaining notoriety within the city and quickly becoming a key player for local artists to have a shot at working with major artists such as Neisha Neshae, a celebrity artist Sparks The Beatmaker befriended and had the honor of landing a placement with.

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It was no easy task becoming a notable producer. Sparks was faced with multiple challenges that he learned to overcome all while remaining humble. One thing about Sparks is that he has a true ear for music and the vision of how to get it in the right hands. This led him to producing the entire soundtrack for Sweat Factory ceo Shane whose brand is partnered with the Detroit Pistons!

Sparks now ventures into a new level with his recent partnership with the iconic media platform, Detroit Rap News. Together, Sparks and Detroit Rap News have cultivated a showcase that will bridge the gap between upcoming talent and mainstream opportunities of today this coming March 25th.

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